2009 - Arpaligato

2009 - Arpaligato

Here we reached the eighth of my CD that doesn't contain it is true that five songs including "Arpaligato" in the middle of which I mention the Decade passed to the Japan.

In '2 pasajes for landscape' I wrote three variations for harp, violin and double bass on two melodies of Pasaia plainsmen (musical style that I went to listen to and study in the colombo-Venezuelan Plains). It's 'Buenos Aires plainsmen' and 'Mi Camaguan '.
'Nostalgic strings' is one of my compositions in the style of the pasaje.
"Symphony for a ticking" is dragging on and it is wanted.
In the title "Waltz in Java" that fraternize.
I mean also felt pleasure when the musical guests came with their talents enrich the melodies born at dawn on my harp in the dens of the subway.


Pascal Coulon

Musician, Songwriter, Performer

27 rue Camille Blanc
94800 Villejuif, France

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