2012 - Air amadoué

2012 - Air amadoué

The Mikonos nights or sign of Aeolus

(or the why and how of this CD)

"I went to sit near the mills,
And I turned my harp into the wind.
He returned to the Fund by long complaints,
Making last sounds in a surreal way.

I played on this background of incredible lightness
In mixing the best dry sounds
Only my claws can only.

The timing was so good that it remains engraved in me
Like a living picture where I can draw
"The reserves of enthusiasm and exaltation. "

Written at the island of Mikonos, Greece, 1975...

CD duration: 56 minutes

Solo harp compositions: Pascal Coulon

Air writing
Forgotten gardens
Ariette in mind
Winter stories
Calm morning
Night of promises
Waltz in the basement
Waters lives
Flowing waters
The lyre bird
Good day Waltz


Pascal Coulon

Musician, Songwriter, Performer

27 rue Camille Blanc
94800 Villejuif, France

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