2015 - Harpe en Vol

2015 - Harpe en Vol

I would just put a comment about my musical approach.

It is the Venezuelan harp (llanera) who made me discover the harp like instrument in the broad sense, and I spent years trying to play correctly, making many trips in Colombia and the Venezuela, and even France, the Venezuelan Embassy cultural service called me regularly for the receptions or openings for interpteter directory traditional colombo-Venezuelan llanero and I played for a long time also in the cabaret of the Machucambos... but my encounter with Yves Darcizas and reading a book Venezuelan 'el arpa in Venezuela' opened a new approach to the instrument.

One day, passing through Paris, Yves Darciszas came to see me and lend me for a week a harp he produced in Colombia from a copy of an old Spanish harp which is be the origin of the current harp llanera. This music of the llanos, I liked it very much and she brought me a lot, but as in almost all traditional music you meet as "ayatollahs" of sorts.

With the web and globalization is moving but from what I knew, for one who is born in a corner of the region of the llanos, the harp can only be llanera and he have to play in this way and not otherwise, and if one is not a native of this place that is not necessarily well accepted and I can understand that because without this conservative position tradition would be lost faster that's for sure.

But to know that this harp llanera it is originally the European baroque harp, it allows me to understand the instrument from this perspective and seek to m ' Express as french with my French sensibility.

I'm not breton or classical harpist and I come from a region (Laon) which has no significant tradition of harp.

At the beginning I was composing in the llanero style because my friends reminded me that it couldn't be otherwise but little by little things made their way and without denying that South American folklore brought me, I can say that through my recent compositions, in this case the first three solo pieces from the new CD and the CD ("Harpaije" ") I feel good in my music.

For example, in the "froides rives song" while I play hours in the subway, close your eyes, I find myself child in my village of Aisne, when I was walking up the River (the greenhouse) in my boat in the middle of the Woods! " In addition "froides rives" is the name of a locality. "

Finally, after much traveling the world, at my age, it's wonderful to be able to travel to the depths of my memories with this magical instrument that is "la harpe"...diatonique.


Pascal Coulon

Musician, Songwriter, Performer

27 rue Camille Blanc
94800 Villejuif, France

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